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SciFi Mini Adventure Cards - OUT NOW!

SciFi Mini Adventure Cards - OUT NOW!

SciFi Mini Adventures

MegaCorp Logotypes

Random NPC Names

Random Business Names


Sci-fi / Cyberpunk Mini Adventure Cards

A 50 card deck, created for “any” science-fiction / cyberpunk roleplaying game.
Use the cards with your favourite science-fiction/cyberpunk RPG.

  • 40 Mini Adventures.
    Used them as seeds for a larger campaign – or played them out directly while improvising.
  • 20 MegaCorp Logotypes.
    Ten cards with all different, but high-quality black/white logotypes to add flavor for any story!
  • 240 Random names of MegaCorps and smaller sized businesses.
  • 240 random NPC names.
  • 80 random traits;
    Mutations, cyber-tech and accessories.
  • 40 random weapon icons.

All this random information can be used to create NPC:s in an improvised setting – or as a GM supplement when creating your own adventures.

The deck was fully funded in five (5) days on Kickstarter. It is now available as both print and download/digital product.

A cool, fully packed and well designed deck for any GM that wants to add hours of fun to any sci-fi/cyberpunk setting!

Get it now at DriveThruRPG – available both as digital download and printed card deck!

Sci-Fi / Cyberpunk Mini Adventures Cards and are Copyright © J. Pingo® Lindstrom and, 2017.
All Rights Reserved.